How To Save And Retrieve Cars – Mafia 3

In Mafia 3, you will get to drive a car in the game. Since there are many awesome cars among them, players often want to save them for later use. In this guide I am going to show you how to save cars in Mafia 3.

Cars Save and Retrive - Mafia 3

The first important thing to know about how to save cars in Mafia 3 is, you can’t actually save any Car. There is no such option exist for now. However, you can still get to ride your desired car when ever and where ever you want by opening your weapon wheel and selecting the car from it. Once you select your desired car, it will appear in your present location.

You will have to start up with pre-order bonus and as you progress in the game, you will be able to unlock the other cars. By completing missions also, you will be able to unlock some new cars. Let us hope that soon developer works on this issue of saving cars in the Mafia 3 and lets us to save some of our desired cars.

How to Retrieve Cars in Mafia 3:

In Mafia 3, you can retrieve some cars in the game. But sadly not all cars can be retrieved as you wish. We have given some instructions regarding how to retrieve cars in Mafia 3.

Since you don’t have an option of garage like other games, there is no possibility of storing cars in the Mafia 3. All you can do to get a car is either stealing it or ordering for it.

As soon as you get out of your car, it will disappear automatically. When you go to visit your subordinates, as you leave the car, they will park it in a proper parking area sometimes, which can be retrieved.

You can steal your desired car again once your present car disappears or you can use delivery option to get the car from your fleet. If you are going for ordering then call the delivery guy and order your desired car from the list, after sometime you will find that car nearby you.

You need to complete missions and keeping up with good relation with your underbosses will add up more cars to your fleet.

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For example, if you want to Retrieve Lincoln’s black car, you need to unlock Burke’s vehicle delivery associate then you need to help Vito when you get the first chance, though it is optional. Then call up for the vehicle delivery and choose Lincoln’s car from the list to order it. The car will be delivered nearby you.