How to see Chunk Borders in Minecraft

Find the outside Chunk borders of your Minecraft world.

Image via Microsoft

Chunks in Minecraft show you the size of a certain pile of blocks in the world you’re playing. They’re 16×16 collections of Minecraft blocks that appear in the game, and they don’t all show up at once to ensure you can play it without your game loading forever or overloading your computer. If you’re attempting an advanced project in Minecraft, you want to be able to see Chunk Borders. Here’s what you need to do to see Chunk Borders in Minecraft.

When you’re ready to view the Chunk Borders, all you have to do is click the F3 and G keys simultaneously. Some keyboards require you to also hold down the function (FN) keys before hitting F3 and G. You’ll see multiple yellow, red, blue, and green lines appear on your screen. These are the Chunk Border lines that appear in your Minecraft world, giving you a detailed readout of the Chunk dimensions. You’ll want to use these when creating larger building projects in your world to ensure everything pops correctly while playing your game.

Screenshot by DoubleXP

The different colored line Chunks show you the load levels in your world. Any green line indicates that the assets will appear and they are active while looking at them. The yellow lines are all ticking, but entities have not been processed yet. The orange lines show that only some aspects are active. All red lines show those game aspects are not available in this area, but your Minecraft world is still loading.

We recommend you use these for any large projects with multiple parts within them if you want to see them all working together. If you’re looking to calculate chunks, you can check out this tool created by one of the Minecraft developers to make it easier to crunch numbers.