How to start Arzhan-Tin Mage Hunt in Salt and Sacrifice

Dampen the rageful Mage.

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One of the first mage encounters you’ll have in Salt and Sacrifice will pit you against Arzhan-Tin, a fire-based mage that you can expect to contain a heated fight. Before you can face off against this blazing opponent, you’ll need to go out of your way to locate this enemy and begin the hunt. In this guide, we will cover how to start Arzhan-Tin Mage Hunt in Salt and Sacrifice.

Before you can begin the Arzhan-Tin Mage Hunt, you’ll need a key tool in your inventory: the Grappling Hook. With the Grappling Hook, you’ll be able to reach a certain area in Ashbourne Village that gives you access to this hunt. You can find the Grappling Hook shortly after defeating Uryks Necklace-of-Ears in the Greymoss Mire, the first boss in the game.

Upon defeating Uryks, you’ll need to proceed to the east and go into the caverns. These locations will not have a name pop up as you enter them, and you will need to proceed down into the depths of these caves. You’ll notice if you attempt to jump out of the cave, you will not be able to do this as your jump is too low. When you reach the bottom, though, you’ll find the Grappling Hook, and you can then return to the top.

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Next, return to the starting location of Ashbourne Village, where you initially arrived when starting the game. Proceed to the east, where a lowered gate will stop you. Above it will be a tree, and you can jump into the air and use your Grappling Hook to reach the top. Go ot the other side of the guard tower, jump down, and head inside. You’ll encounter a victim of Arzhan-Tin, and you can begin the hunt.

Screenshot by DoubleXP