How to take a picture of 10 sheep in The Good Life

One sheep, two sheep, three sheep…

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In The Good Life, you’ll be tasked with completing optional side quests for the Morning Bell. These quests require you to take pictures of Rainy Woods and its inhabitants. These quests are a great way to earn extra money in the game. However, unlike other quests in the game, these aren’t marked. So, you’ll have to explore the game until you find exactly what they’re looking for.

Right after completing the Faith in the Middle of Nowhere side quest, Lucy from the Morning Bell will task you with finding 10 sheep and taking a picture of them.

Where to find the 10 sheep

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We were able to find the 10 sheep in this location. We aren’t sure if the sheep follow a set schedule like the characters in the game, but we were able to find them all at 15:00 on Saturday.

When you find the horde of sheep, take out your camera and position yourself in a way where your camera captures all 10 sheep. Make sure none of them are hiding behind each other. Once you’ve successfully taken the picture, head back to Naomi’s house and upload the picture to Flamingo. When the picture has been successfully uploaded, you’ll be awarded £100.

Screenshot by Gamepur