How to tell a child Santa is not real in BitLife

The truth hurts.


The truth hurts, and in BitLife, you may encounter a chance to sit down with a child and ruin their entire youth by telling them Santa is not real. For those going out of their way to do this for the Bad Santa Challenge, the way you do this is not too complicated, but it can be confusing as there’s no direct way to have dialogue in the game usually.

The way you go about this is waiting for the option to appear. It’ll show up in a random scenario that you have to choose what happens. The option clearly says, “Santa isn’t real,” so picking this is critical, or you’ll have to wait for it to appear again, which is unlikely given how random it is. What can be tricky with the Bad Santa challenge is that you’ll also be attempting to commit several crimes, and if you’re caught and go to jail, you don’t have the chance to venture out.

There’s no good, sure-fire way to make sure that this happens, so you’ll have to hope for the best. It’ll be one of the more challenging problems in the challenge because of how random it is. You want to make sure your character has plenty of chances to age up and that they can not be in jail when they do it, or they won’t have the option to visit an orphanage to tell kids the truth.