How to transfer Hitman 2 progress into Hitman 3

Pick right up where you left off on the Hitman 2 maps in the new game.

Image via IO Interactive

If you are going into Hitman 3 after playing Hitman 2, you are in luck! You can carry over any progress made in all the maps on that game into the new title. Unfortunately, this can only be done on the same platform, so you cannot cross transfer your progress. For example, an Xbox One account on Hitman 2 can be transferred to the Xbox One or Series X version of Hitman 3, but not PlayStation 4 or 5. The fact you can carry progress over is very exciting, considering the hundreds of hours players have put into the older maps. Starting over from the beginning on each map from the first game was disappointing when Hitman 2 released, so it is good to see they have taken care of that problem. Here is how you carry over your Hitman 2 progress into Hitman 3.

As of launch morning, servers are under stress, and IO Interactive tweeted that the company is working on a fix.

Create an IOI account

First, it is recommended that you do this before you start playing Hitman 3, because after completing this, you will lose all progress made in the game. You need to access the IO Interactive website via a web browser and create an IOI account in the top right of the page to carry over your progress. After you create the account, you will get an email to activate it, so be sure to check your junk folder if you do not see it after a couple of minutes. When you start the account, you can link it to your Epic Games Store, Nintendo Switch Online, PlayStation Network, Steam, or Xbox Live account. Be sure to link the account you have the Hitman 2 save data on. 

Note: Stadia is considered a different platform from the Epic Game Store and Steam, so you cannot carry progress between those platforms.

Once you activate your email, you should be taken directly to your account page; otherwise, click on IOI Account in the official website’s top right. Click on Account Settings, and you can manage your linked accounts.

When you get into Hitman 3 on the account you connected for the first time, you will see a message asking if you want to carry over your progress, and then be taken to a webpage to do so. It is possible to do this either on your console’s web browser or on a phone or PC, so we recommend the latter if you can do it. 

Important reminder: if you have started playing Hitman 3 before doing this, you will lose all progress.

Transferring progress via web browser

When on the webpage to start the carryover process, click Start Carryover Process. The next screen should have you login, so enter your credentials for the account with the linked player profile on it.

You will be shown an introduction that is merely going over all of the same information covered at the top of this article. Click next so you can get to Select Source Account.

On this page will be a box showing the accounts linked to your IOI account. Click on the box with your Hitman 2 data you want to transfer. The box will highlight red, and you can click next.

Now the website will begin gathering the save data for you to transfer. While the page says “Exporting Data,” be sure not to refresh or hit back on your browser. When the process is done, you will automatically be moved to the Review Progress and see the following screen.

This page shows your player and mastery level for each map in Hitman 2. If everything looks right, click next.

Now you choose the profile the Hitman 2 save data will transfer to. For most, it should show the same profile you chose earlier in the Select Source Account section. The only time it should be different is if you are moving data from Steam to Epic Game Store. Click the box to make it red and hit next.

This is the final page to look over some information before proceeding with the transfer. If everything is correct, click Confirm.

This is the final box you will see in the process. If the status says Pending or Failed, do not worry; you are just in a queue, and IO will need to continue the transfer. If it says complete, you will need to restart your Hitman 3 game, and once you are in, you should have all of the transferable Hitman 2 data shown off.

Launch day issues

As mentioned, users are experiencing issues with IOI’s website and the progression carryover website on launch morning.

Update: IO Interactive are slowly getting the transfer website up for people. If you get through the progress and it says failed, it will be placed in a queue where the team will manually move it over when they get to you.

What is carried over?

When you move your progression over to Hitman 3, you bring everything you have gained previously in Hitman 2 maps over. This includes your Hitman 2 player profile, XP rank, location mastery levels, location mastery unlocks, challenge progressions, challenge unlocks, and finally, any suits and unlocks gained through elusive target contracts. If you have saved the progress of a mission in progress, it will not be carried over. Unfortunately, you cannot move any progress from the 2016 Hitman game over, only Hitman 2, so if you skipped out on the sequel, you are stuck starting from scratch. Also, if you did not own the Legacy DLC pack in Hitman 2, which included the original maps, you will not access those maps in Hitman 3 unless you purchase it.