How to unlock Agent Coulson in Marvel Strike Force

The grind for this SHIELD operative consists of some stressful shard hunting.

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Being one of the more versatile characters to own in Marvel Strike Force, the powerful Agent Phil Coulson of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. fame is an excellent addition to a squad full of Hero, Avenger, or SHIELD types. Better yet, his Night-Night Gun and EMP Punch attacks both do over 100 percent damage, and only get stronger once leveled up. Like with most characters, players will need to collect 100 shards for Agent Coulson just for the ability to recruit him. Luckily, the game offers three unique ways to farm for these.

Purchase Coulson through Blitz

For those who’ve worked their way high into the ranks of the game’s Blitz mode, the fastest way they will be able to obtain Agent Coulson is through Blitz’s Supplies tab. It is here where you can purchase five of Coulson’s shards at a time for 500 Blitz Credits — the currency earned when progressing through the mode. In sum, you’ll need to save and collect a grand total of 10,000 Blitz Credits in order to add the SHIELD member to your roster.

Complete milestones for Orb Fragments

The other two methods of securing Agent Coulson’s shards is by spending either Blitz Orb Fragments or Milestone II Orb Fragments in the Orb Chamber. As you must earn Blitz Fragments by progressing through the mode, Milestone II Orb Fragments can be obtained by simply spending gold or playing any of the stages in Campaign.

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Although, compared to buying Coulson’s shards via Blitz Credits, this process may take a while longer. As you must spend 2,000 of these Fragment types to use the Orb Chamber, the three rewards it will give you in return will be at random. Additionally, like Blitz’s Supplies tab, the Orb Chamber can only grant players five shards for Agent Coulson at a time.