How to unlock Lord Arthur in Evil Dead: The Game

It’s good to be the King.

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There are several characters you can unlock in Evil Dead: The Game. You can do this outside of the multiplayer games where, as a Survivor, you’ll work together with a small team to defeat a harrowing Demonic opponent and banish them to hell. Lord Arthur is one of these unlockable characters. Here’s what you need to know about how to unlock Lord Arthur in Evil Dead: The Game.

How to unlock Lord Arthur

Lord Arthur is available if you can complete the Homecoming King mission. It’s one of the last solo missions you can do in Evil Dead: The Game. Before you can reach it, you need to complete all of the ones before it.

When you gain access to this mission, you play as Lord Arthur, and it’s you against an army of Skeletons between you and your ticket back home. When you start the mission, you want to gather multiple supplies before heading south of where you spawn to the Fishing Village. You will find the Kandarian Dagger, one of the two items you need to go home.

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The second item you need to create a rift is the Necronomicon. You can find it to the east of the Fishing Village, at the Knowby Cabin. Like the dagger, multiple Skeletons will appear after you reach and obtain the book.

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Lord Arthur can try to make his way home with both of these items. Your next step is to make it to the tunnels underneath the Fryingpan Tunnel. Unfortunately, when you arrive, Evil Ash will block your path. You have to fight him for a little bit before he disappears, and Lord Arthur’s next quest is to find his fabled sword, Excaliber.

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There will be several waypoints at your next destination, Payne Manor. Outside of the house, there will be red skeletons singing from flutes that you need to destroy. Multiple Elite Skeltons and regular ones guard them, forcing you to carve a path through them before entering the house. The crossbow is an excellent weapon to use during this mission section, which you can get from the first series of houses you started at in Homecoming King. Once all red skeletons are gone, you can enter the house.

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Inside the house, you will find Lord Arthur’s sword. The next thing you need to do is make your way to Fryingpan Tunnel again and go through the rift. You will want to move quickly to this location as the storm surrounding the map will close around you, with swarms of Skeletons chasing after you.

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After you reach the rift and go through it, transporting Lord Arthur into a pit. You then have to fight against the Pit Deadite inside the small cage, and then Evil Ash will appear. You will need to defeat him to complete the Homecoming King mission and unlock King Arthur as a playable character.