How to unlock Matsugane Mixer in Lost Judgment: The Kaito Files

Lash out at your enemies when you’re overwhelmed.

Lost Judgment

Image via Sega

Memory points will prove to be the biggest roadblock on your journey toward 100% completion in Lost Judgment: The Kaito Files. 11 of Kaito’s 71 skills require finding interactive points across the map, with Matsugane Mixer being one such skill. Our guide below will help you unlock it.

This memory point is found along Senryo Avenue roughly around the halfway point through the street. You’ll want to keep an eye on one of the buildings that leads into Pink Alley. Look up at the large, rectangular, white sign extending outward from the red brick building. The sign in question has what appears to be a flower logo at the top and bottom. Activate Kaito’s primal senses by pushing down on the left analog stick. Use his primal eye to examine the middle of the large, white sign.

After doing so, Kaito remarks that this was Hamura’s favorite spa back in the day. You now have access to Matsugane Mixer, which can be purchased for 8,000 SP from the Tank tree on the skills screen. The skill description may cause confusion, stating that you must hold the block button, then attack just as an enemy hits. This might prompt you to hold the Tank style’s Iron Guard, waiting for an opening. In actuality, the block itself must also be performed in step with your foe’s attack.

Screenshot by Gamepur