How to unlock the Fighting Pit in Weird West

Prepare to have your hopes dashed in the Fighting Pit of Weird West.

Image via Devolver Digital

The sandbox adventure of Weird West will bring players through some of the most bizarre landscapes and situations on this side of the Mississippi. Diligent wayfarers are likely to stumble into areas that won’t immediately make sense, such as the Fighting Pit, possibly leading to confusion.

On the north-westernmost part of El Castillo Desert, an icon with a snake marks the location of the Fighting Pit. Players will note that the locale holds true to its name; a bloodied pit takes the center of the map, along with bandit-types walking around the outside of the ring and asking adventurers if they’re willing to try the Pit out.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Unfortunately, there is no means of triggering the Fighting Pit until Journey 2 begins, and it’s a brief moment at that, which takes place during the main quest of the second chapter. There is currently no way to reuse the Fighting Pit, either: a shame, as combat in Weird West is a thrilling centerpiece to the outlandish campaigns.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The opportunity to push through a type of gladiatorial arenas, featuring multiple enemy types and diverse environments to clash against your posse, would be a welcome one. As it stands now, however, it’s an all-too-brief foray against a background of brilliant storytelling.