How to use the Submarine in Rust

Everything you need to know about using Submarine in Rust.

Image via Facepunch Studios

As part of the recent Underwater update, players can now use a submarine in Rust. The vehicle will help players explore the deep depths of water bodies and reach underwater labs, which were also added in the update.

Submarine controls guide

Players need to buy a Submarine in order to use it. They do not spawn randomly and need to be purchased from the boat shop in the fishing village. There are two variants available for purchasing:

  • One-man Submarine
  • Two-man Submarine

One-man Submarine will cost players 100 Scrap, while a two-man Submarine will cost 200 Scrap. As the name suggests, they are single-seater and two-man seater respectively. Furthermore, two-man has the sonar feature while the other one doesn’t.

To descend in the water, use the crouch key. Similarly, to ascend above the water, use the sprint key. When you are in the water, use “W, A, S, D” to control the Submarine’s movements. Finally, players can fire Torpedoes using the left-click.

Additionally, there are two variations of torpedoes that can be fired from a Submarine :

  • Direct Torpedoes
  • Surface Torpedoes

Direct Torpedoes will follow a straight path once released from the Submarine. On the other hand, the Surface Torpedo will rise to the surface of the water and then follow a straight path. Players can craft Torpedoes or buy them ready-made from vending machines.