How to watch Summer Games Done Quick 2022

Don’t miss a single speedrun.

Image via Games Done Quick

Summer Games Done Quick is the summer livestream event from Games Done Quick, focused on highlighting a plethora of new and classic speedruns that fans of the community adore. This guide explains how to watch this year’s event, including catching up on the runs you might have missed while doing unavoidable activities such as sleeping.

Where can you watch Summer Games Done Quick 2022?

Screenshot via Games Done Quick’s YouTube channel

There are two places where you can watch Summer Games Done Quick. The first is the direct livestream feed on Twitch. All speedruns are broadcast to the official Games Done Quick Twitch channel first, and that’s where you can catch things as they happen. This is where you can also donate to the runners as their runs come up and impact the optional endings or bonus stretch goals for specific runs.

The second place to watch Summer Games Done Quick is on the official Games Done Quick YouTube channel. Each run is uploaded in its entirety to this channel after it’s been broadcast on the Twitch channel. However, the Games Done Quick team is more focused on the Twitch broadcast and maintaining its quality, so runs aren’t uploaded as soon as they’re completed. Instead, it takes between 24 to 48 hours for a run to be taken from Twitch and uploaded to YouTube.

When does Summer Games Done Quick 2022 start?

Summer Games Done Quick begins on June 26, 2022. The event runs for 24 hours a day until it ends on July 3, meaning you have a few days’ worth of runs to watch. But, of course, it makes more sense to pick the ones you’d like to watch live and catch the others on YouTube after the fact.

Summer Games Done Quick 2022 schedule

Games Done Quick has revealed the schedule for Summer Games Done Quick 2022. It listed each game and the expected duration for each run. These are estimations based on the time each runner is aiming for and may be longer or shorter than shown. Bonus games may also be added to the schedule over time as stretch goals are hit.