How to win as a Survivor in Evil Dead: The Game

Save the earth.

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When playing as a Survivor in Evil Dead: The Game, you and your team will be battling against a horde of Deadites as they prevent you from banishing them back to hell. You can expect to encounter multiple enemies as you progress through a map, forcing you and your team to work together to complete the ritual. You need to complete numerous objectives to complete the ritual and win the game. In this guide, we will cover how to win a match as a Survivor in Evil Dead: The Game.

How to play as a Survivor

The first objective begins as soon as the match starts. After that, you and your team have 30 minutes to complete all objectives and survive the onslaught of demons hunting you.

Collect all pieces of the map

To start the game, you and your team will need to collect three pieces of the map. These map pieces will lead you to the Necronomicon and the Kandarian Dagger, the next objective you will need to locate after all three map pieces. You will have to find these map pieces one at a time. There is an objective on the top-right corner indicating the general area on the map you will need to search to find the map.

An objective marker will appear on your screen as you grow closer to the map piece’s exact location. Once you reach the map, interact with it to collect the piece, bringing you closer to the next part of the game.

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Collect the Necronomicon and the Kandarian Dagger

After collecting all pieces of the map, you next have to find the Necronomicon and the Kandarian Dagger. These two items are on different parts of the map. You will have to find these pieces by sticking close to your party members and seeking them out. We do not recommend separating from each other to find them. You’re better off working and sticking together to complete this objective. Because you completed the map, these locations will be on the map for you to see, and the Demon hunting you can also see them.

While attempting to complete the Necronomicon lost pages and the dagger, Deadites will try to attack your location. You will need to fend them off until you can complete it and move on to the next step.

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Banish the Dark Ones

The third step is to banish the Dark Ones with those two items obtained. These will be a powerful group of foes your team needs to defeat to reach defeating the Deadite and win the game. The Dark Ones’ location will be highlighted on your map, and when you arrive there, you need to use the Kandarian Dagger to damage them, eventually defeating and banishing them from their ritual.

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Protect the Necronomicon

The final step to defeat the Demon is to protect the Necronomicon the Dark Ones dropped when you beat them. Should the Demon destroy the book, it prevents you from winning the game. Therefore, all of your teammates will want to work together to encircle it, prevent the Demon from attacking the book, and fight off their hordes of minions.

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When the timer reaches zero, you will have won the game.