Hu Tao talents, abilities, and Ascension materials – Genshin Impact

A playful prankster.

Image via miHoYo

Genshin Impact players like to keep their eyes on the future of the game, which means interest in Hu Tao is starting to grow. She is predicted to arrive in the game sometime during 1.3, potentially as the Banner character after Xiao arrives.

While information is currently pretty thin, we will be using this article to keep track of everything that is revealed about Hu Tao, either through leaks or official announcements from miYoHo.

Lore wise, we know that Hu Tao is the director of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor in Liyue, and she keeps burying Qiqi and something of a prankster. She is a Pyro character that fights with a Polearm.

Remember, everything in this guide is drawn from test server leaks, so is subject to change.


  • Normal Attack – Performs up to six consecutive spear strikes.
  • Charged attack – Lunges forward, damaging enemies.
  • Plunging Attack – does AoE damage on impact.

Elemental Skill

Guide to the Afterlife

Consumes 30% of her own health to convey an ATK bonus to her own attacks. Charged Attacks cause Blood Blossom, which will cause Pyro damage.

Elemental Burst

Spirit Soother

Unleashes a blazing spirit attack that regens a percentage of her max health up to five times, depending on the number of enemies that are hit.


  • The More the Merrier – When Hu Tao cooks a dish perfectly, she has a 18% chance to receive an additional “Suspicious” dish of the same type.
  • Sanguine Rouge – When Hu Tao’s HP is equal to or less than 50%, her Pyro DMG Bonus is increased by 33%.
  • Flutter By – When Paramita Papilio state activated by Guide to Afterlife is over, all allies in the party (excluding Hu Tao herself) will have their CRIT Rate increased by 12% for 8s.


  • Crimson Bouquet: While in Paramita Papilio state activated by Guide to Afterlife, Hu Tao’s Charge Attacks do not consume Stamina.
  • Ominous Rainfall: Increases the Blood Blossom DMG by the amount equal to 4% of Hu Tao’s Max HP at the time the effect is applied. Spirit Soother will also apply the Blood Blossom effect.
  • Bloodletting Ritual: Increases the Level of Guide to Afterlife by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.
  • Floral Incense: Increases the Level of Spirit Soother by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.
  • Garden of Eternal Rest: Upon defeating an enemy affected by Blood Blossom that Hu Tao applied herself, all nearby allies in the party (excluding Hu Tao herself) will have their CRIT Rate increased by 12% for 15s.
  • Butterfly’s Embrace: Triggers when Hu Tao’s HP drops below 25%, or when she suffers a lethal strike: Hu Tao will not fall as a result of the DMG sustained. Additionally, for the next 10s, all of her Elemental and Physical RES is increased by 200%, her CRIT Rate is increased by 100%, and her resistance to interruption is greatly increased. This effect triggers automatically when Hu Tao has 1 HP left. Can only occur once every 60s.

Ascension Materials


Level MaterialsMora
2Teachings of Diligence x 3, Whopperflower Nectar x 612500
3Guide to Diligence x 2, Shimmering Nectar x 317500
4Guide to Diligence x 4, Shimmering Nectar x 425000
5Guide to Diligence x 6, Shimmering Nectar x 630000
6Guide to Diligence x 9, Shimmering Nectar x 937500
7Philosophies of Diligence x 4, Energy Nectar x 4, Shard of a Foul Legacy x 1120000
8Philosophies of Diligence x 6, Energy Nectar x 6, Shard of a Foul Legacy x 1260000
9Philosophies of Diligence x 12, Energy Nectar x 9, Shard of a Foul Legacy x 2450000
10Philosophies of Diligence x 16, Energy Nectar x 12, Shard of a Foul Legacy x 2, Crown of Insight700000


LevelMoraBoss Drop MaterialBoss Drop MaterialLocal SpecialityEnemy Drop Material
Agnidus Agate Sliver ×1
Silk Flower ×3

Whopperflower Nectar ×3
Agnidus Agate Fragment ×3

Juvenile Jade ×2

Silk Flower ×10

Whopperflower Nectar ×15
Agnidus Agate Fragment ×6

Juvenile Jade ×4

Silk Flower ×20

Shimmering Nectar ×12
Agnidus Agate Chunk ×3

Juvenile Jade ×8

Silk Flower ×30

Shimmering Nectar ×18
Agnidus Agate Chunk ×6

Juvenile Jade ×12

Silk Flower ×45

Energy Nectar ×12
Agnidus Agate Gemstone ×6

Juvenile Jade ×20

Silk Flower ×60

Energy Nectar ×24