Hyper Front: All heroes and their abilities

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Hyper Front - All heroes and their abilities

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Hyper Front is a 5v5 FPS game available for Android devices featuring intense fights, various weapons, heroes, modes, and more. Just like the agents in Valorant, the heroes in Hyper Front have different abilities to help players spot and slow down the opponents, block a site with walls, and more to get an advantage in the match.

There are a total of ten heroes in the game at the moment, and each of them has two basic abilities and an ultimate. If you want to know more about them, here is the list of all the heroes and their abilities.


All Hyper Front heroes and abilities
Screenshot by Gamepur
  • Triple Shot (Basic): Equips three grenades that can be fired using the fire button. The grenades will explode upon coming in contact with a surface.
  • Jetpack (Basic): Jumps high into the air using the jetpack and it can also be triggered in mid-air.
  • Mega Shark Rocket (Ultimate): Fires a rocket which detonates upon hitting an object to deal massive damage to opponents around it.


List of all Hyper Front heroes and abilities
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  • Horizon Blocked (Basic): Releases a cube of digital energy to limit the enemies’ vision however it can be destroyed by using a gun.
  • Spacetime Leap (Basic): Select a location and tap the ability to teleport to that location.
  • Spatial Jump (Ultimate): Select a location on the mini-map and tap the cast button to teleport to that location in digital form, then materialize to complete the teleportation.

Blood Raider

All Hyper Front heroes, abilities list
Screenshot by Gamepur
  • Blindness (Basic): Release a body of energy that can rebound to blind the players around it after detonation.
  • Bloodthirst (Basic): Gain extra health recovery for a certain period. It requires kills/assists to activate.
  • Berserk (Ultimate): Enter a raging state for a certain period that will increase your reload speed, weapon switch speed and fire rate. Killing enemies will trigger Invincible Spirit but will not count as you using this skill. If you are killed while using Berserk, you will enter a downed state where you will be revived with full health if you are able to survive in this state for a certain amount of time.


Hyper Front heroes and abilities
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  • Icecore Trap (Basic): Tosses an Icecore Trap to slow down the enemies and then reduce their movement and turning speed.
  • Ice Barrier (Basic): Creates a destructible ice bunker to block a path at the selected location for a limited period of time.
  • Freezing Storm (Ultimate): Releases ice storm at the selected location that gradually spreads outwards and enemies covered by frost will be slowed down and frozen for a period of time.


Hyper Front heroes, abilities list
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  • Breath Healing (Basic): Consumes energy to continuously heal herself or a teammate to restore the HP equal to the healing energy.
  • Slowing Vortex (Basic): Throws an energy sphere that detonates upon hitting the ground, which creates a cyclone to block the vision of players and slow them down.
  • Revitalize (Ultimate): Select the death mark of a teammate and tap the cast button to revive them with full HP.

Faith Arrow

Hyper Front heroes and abilities list
Screenshot by Gamepur
  • Scouting Arrow (Basic): Shoot a straight arrow which will reveal the location of the enemies within its detection range after hitting a surface. The enemies of the other side of the wall will not be detected.
  • Burning Arrow (Basic): Shoot a bouncable arrow that generates a ball of flame that will cause continuous damage to nearby units after coming in contact with the ground.
  • Mega Shark Rocket (Ultimate): Releases a golden bird across the map dealing damage to the enemies while revealing their positions.


All Hyper Front heroes, abilities
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  • Drone (Basic): Releases a drone that can be remote controlled to scout and mark the enemies. The drone has a limited control range and time. Players can freely switch between drone and player perspective.
  • Stun Grenade (Basic): Toss an EMP grenade to slow down the enemies and reduce their turning speed. It will shake the camera upon explosion and you will be notified upon hitting a target.
  • Homing Grenade (Ultimate): Launches two Homing Grenade that explodes when there are opponents near them to stun them in order to slow them down, cause camera shake and reduce their turning speed.


Hyper Front heroes, abilities
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  • Cycloneburst (Basic): Tosses a grenade that explodes to generate a vortex that sucks in nearby units to inflict Vulnerability in them.
  • Tornadoburst (Basic): Uses the tactical map to produce spherical masses of cloud at multiple selected locations to reduce the visibility.
  • Tornado (Ultimate): Generates a cyclone at the location marked on the tactical mini-map dealing massive damage to all the heroes within the cyclone’s area.


List of all Hyper Front heroes, their abilities
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  • Lightning Dash (Basic): Dashes towards the target and can be triggered while in the air.
  • Plasma State (Basic): Transforms into a plasma state to gain immunity against the damage however he won’t be able to attack the enemies. It activates after a kill/assist.
  • Ion Shock (Ultimate): Unleashes an ion shock beam towards the target dealing damage over time.


All Hyper Front heroes and their abilities
Screenshot by Gamepur
  • Auto Turret (Basic): Places an auto turret that automatically fires at the enemies in all the directions within its range.
  • Shield of Perseverance (Basic): Deploys a concave shield and it will disappear automatically after a certain period of time or when its durability reaches zero.
  • Area Explosion (Ultimate): Marks a nearby area where the enemies will have to be a target of bombardment after a set period of time dealing a high amount of damage while obscuring their sight.

While a few of these heroes are available for free in the game, you will have to buy the others by spending Star Energy or Star Quatz. You can test all the Heroes in the training ground for free so that you can decide which one to unlock first.

In addition to this, you can have a look at the ultimate abilities of all the heroes in Hyper Front in the official video uploaded by Netease on the official YouTube channel of the game.