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For the In the Mountains quest, you will need to do some exploring for Irish, and you will eventually need to thaw all the shards out in order to stop a powerful gust of wind that is keeping you from exploring some of the Dragonspine region.

In this guide, we will show you what you need to do to thaw all the shards out, inlcuding where to go and any puzzle mechanics you will needs to solve.

Location 1

The first location can be found to the northeast of the Entombed City Outskirts. Here you will find a five-pillar puzzle. You will need a Cryo character to be able to solve this puzzle.

Interact with the block near the middle with the Seelie on it, and it will show you which order to activate the pillars in. If you need a visual aid, you can find the correct order marked on the image below.

After you have completed this section, the nearby robots will come to life, and you will need to destroy them all. The smaller pillars around the outside of the arena will rotate a warming effect, so use them to stop the Sheer Cold effect from building up on you. When that is done, the ice in the middle of the area will break, allowing you to drop down.

Break the nearby red crystals to get Scarlet Quartz that will allow you to break down the shard in the center.

Location 2

The second location can be found at Starglow Cavern. We would suggest spawning at the teleporter just beside where it says Starglow Cavern on the map. Near the teleport you will find a circule hole in the ground that leads to some tunnels. Take the tunnel to the left and keep going all the way down until you reach the shard. Here you will find the shard is protected by a barrier. You will need to finish the nearby timetrial to unlock this barrier.

The final (or first, technically) location is the Frostbearing Tree on the Snow-Covered path. This one is very easy, as you just need to collect the Scarlet Quartz around it and smash the peculiar ice.

This guide is under construction.