Is Araquanid good and how to best use it in Pokémon Go

Should you grab Araquanid for your Pokémon Go team?

Image via Niantic

The arrival of Araquanid to Pokémon Go will be a massive ripple in the community regarding PvP battles. It’s a Pokémon that has the potential to be a standout option, and we think you’ll find using it a unique opportunity to create some powerful teams to use in the Great and Ultra Leagues. In this guide, we will cover what makes Araquanid good and how to best use it in Pokémon Go.

How to best use Araquanid

Araquanid is a Bug and Water-type Pokémon. It will be weak against Electric, Flying, and Rock-type moves, but it is resistant against Fighting, Ground, Ice, Steel, and Water-type moves. You primarily want to use this Pokémon against Dark, Fire, Grass, Ground, Fighting, and Psychic-type Pokémon. Still, you can also find a way to use it against specific Rock-type Pokémon, so long as Araquanid can avoid being hammered by any Rock-type moves.

You can expect to us Araquanid in the Great and Ultra Leagues in Pokémon Go. However, of the two options, Araquanid will be far more significant in the Great League, and it will likely not be as strong of an option in the Ultra League, even with XL Candy. For the Great League, Araquanid is a rapid-fire Pokémon capable of hitting Pokémon hard with its preferred fast move, bug bite, and its ideal charged moves, bug buzz, and bubble beam.

You primarily want to use Araquanid as your first Pokémon or have it in reserve to swap out with the one you place at the front. Unfortunately, Araquanid is not the best final Pokémon on your team; despite its effective defense, its lack of attack power can make it feel like a lackluster option to obliterate an enemy team.

Is Araquanid good?

Araquanid will be a solid option in many situations in Pokémon Go’s Great League. However, you’ll want to avoid using it in the Ultra League because it has a lower maximum CP, preventing it from being helpful in this category, where the maximum CP is 2,500. If you’re worried about taking on Dark or Psychic-type Pokémon in this category or want to use a Pokémon against any Fighting and Ground-types you encounter, Araquanid is a reliable option. We cannot recommend it enough to build into your team.

Make sure your Araquniad has the best moveset, giving it the fast move bug bite and the charged moves bug buzz and bubble beam.