Is Genshin Impact cross platform?

Play with friends.

Image via miHoYo

Genshin Impact has proven to be one of the biggest games of recent years, brewing up a storm on Android and iOS, as well as PC and PlayStation platforms. Millions of people around the world log in daily, and players may be wondering if they can play the game with their friends on other platforms.

The good news is that Genshin Impact does support crossplay across all devices. While you can play through the game in singleplayer mode if you wish, you can also team up with your friends, no matter what platform they happen to play on. This will allow you to take on all the games quests and challenges with your friends, and it doesn’t matter if you play on the same platform that they do.

Players can jump into quests together, or just explore the world if they see fit. It also allows players to harvest important resources in each other’s worlds, so if your friend doesn’t have time to get some fishing done, you can take advantage.

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Genshin Impact is an open-world action RPG where you will get to engage in all the usual RPG activities like exploring the world, taking on quests, and trying to get to the bottom of a mystery around where you came from, and where your lost family is. While it has been likened to Breath of the Wild, people who were lucky enough to play it during the beta will be aware that there is much more going on with the game, and it very much rises above its inspirations.