Is Mii Matt in Nintendo Switch Sports?

His story will never end.

Image via Nintendo

Mii Matt is a legend in the boxing ring from Wii Sports and Swordplay in Wii Sports Resort. He was a simple character created by the developers to take up a spot on the Mii roster. For Boxing and Swordplay, he was the champion challenge in those areas of both games and rose into meme stardom for how difficult he could be. With Nintendo Switch Sports bringing back a lot of that Wii Sports magic, does Mii Matt appear in the game?

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Unfortunately for any Mii Matt fans out there, he is not in Nintendo Switch Sports officially. Nintendo did put up a screenshot on Twitter showcasing him participating in Chumbara with dual swords, but that was merely a Mii they created for a screenshot. Rather than playing against AI Miis, a new kind of character called Sportsmates are your competition. Because Miis cannot equip Sportsmate cosmetics, they are by no means the main focus of this game.

While Matt is not in the game, you technically can play as him by creating him as a Mii and importing him into the game. Get really good at Chumbara, and maybe the legend of Matt can live on. Always make sure to give him a cold, dead stare and goatee to strike fear in your enemies.