Is Rainbow Six Extraction split-screen?

Is Extraction couch co-op compatible?

Rainbow Six Extraction operators

Image via Ubisoft

Given that it’s the kind of co-op experience that’s perfectly suited to on-the-couch split-screen play, many gamers are wondering if Rainbow Six Extraction can be played split-screen. The bad news is that the game currently cannot be played in split-screen. Its co-op multiplayer action is online only at the moment.

Rainbow Six Extraction is a spin-off from Rainbow Six Siege, which also can’t be played in split-screen, so it’s not a great surprise that Rainbow Six Extraction also can’t. But it would also have made sense to add split-screen to Rainbow Six Extraction, given that it’s almost completely focused on co-op play, which is always more fun in person.

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It’s also true that the Rainbow Six series has a history of split-screen multiplayer. Both Rainbow Six Vegas games could be played in split-screen, but during the seven years between Rainbow Six Vegas 2 and Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft decided to drop the feature from the series. This is disappointing for Rainbow Six fans wishing to blast some parasitic alien scum with a trio of friends together in their living room, but there are plenty of other split-screen co-op games out there. Borderlands 3, Star Wars: Battlefront II, and Call Of Duty: Vanguard, to name but a few.