Is Rogue Legacy 2 coming to Nintendo Switch? Answered

We’re going rogue.

Rogue Legacy 2

Screenshot via Xbox YouTube

Rogue Legacy 2’s early life has been very successful on PC and Xbox so far. If you enjoyed the adventures of the first game, you would likely do the same here. That being said, this would be the perfect kind of game to take on the go. Will Rogue Legacy 2 ever come to Nintendo Switch?

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Will Rogue Legacy 2 come to Nintendo Switch?

As of this writing, Rogue Legacy 2 does not have a confirmed release set for Nintendo Switch. That being said, the first game did eventually come to the portable console. We would imagine that sooner or later, the sequel will also make its way to the Switch.

The Nintendo Switch has been home to many popular indie titles over the year, so the match here makes too much sense not to happen. We would be shocked not to see some kind of announcement before 2022 is over. Unfortunately, until that time comes, we have no news for you. We recommend following Cellar Doors on Twitter to get any updates on future releases for the game.

We will update this article when more information comes out.