Is the Daily Focus Playlist worth it during Guardian Games 2022 in Destiny 2? Answered

The getting is good. Mostly.

Image via Bungie

Laurels are essential to the Guardian Games 2022 in Destiny 2. While there are great Laurel farming activities out in the world that seem tailor-made for it, there’s only one the game advertises every day: the Daily Focus Playlist. Whenever you join the Focus Playlist, you’ll receive half again or double the Laurel gains for a duration. Head to the Director and check your current objectives to see how far you’ve progressed the Playlist percentage. Once you 100% the objective, you’ll need to return to the other methods of farming Laurels.

Is doing the Daily Focus Playlist worth it if it only lasts for a while? Yes and no. If you’re low on Laurels to start your time in Destiny 2, completing the Playlist objective will give a significant shot in the arm to your Laurel count. Completing it in Gambit, which only takes a single, moderately long match, nets 300+ Laurels, more than enough for a Platinum and a Gold Contender Card—completing those means at least two drops of The Title SMG.

The Daily Focus Playlist is always one of Destiny 2’s core activities — Strikes, Gambit, Crucible, Throne World, or the Seasonal Activity. If you’ve burned out on any of these activities, it might be worth holding off until the next day to see if something comes up that’s more to your fancy.

It is ultimately up to you whether the Daily Focus Playlist is worth it during Guardian Games 2022. It doesn’t progress anything important, doesn’t last long enough to be appreciable, and only exists in the same playlists people have been playing since 2017. If all you want is a quick injection of Laurels, it will do that and more. Otherwise, skip it for something more engaging.