Is the Omega Knight’s Level Up Quest Pack in Fortnite worth it? Answered

Is this Fortnite pack a good deal for players?

Image via Epic Games

Last week, Epic Games revealed the Omega Knight Level Up Quest Pack in Fortnite. The pack gives players an exclusive skin that you can only get through this pack. However, what is arguably the most attractive part in the quest pack is the 28 level tokens that come along with it.

For the next four weeks leading up to the end of Chapter 3 Season 2 those who purchase the quest pack will be able to find 7 tokens on the map a week. By finding a token you will automatically level up once making it much quicker to level up. Especially if you’re behind for the season. By getting all 28 tokens you will receive the Omega Knight skin, their back bling and a variant gold color as well.
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Now the big question, how much does it cost? Right now on the Fortnite item shop the Omega Knight Level Up Quest Pack is selling for 1,200 v-bucks. That is an extremely good deal. Normally you can purchase levels of your battle pass using v-bucks and 1,200 v-bucks will level you up 8 times through that route. With the level up quest pack you will level up 20 extra times and get a sweet exclusive skin along the way. The only stipulation is that you need to find all the tokens on the map before the season ends to actually level up. Thankfully each location is marked on the map. All you have to do is set a waypoint to guide you there.

For only 1,200 v-bucks I think this is an easy purchase to make for anyone who regularly plays Fortnite and haven’t gotten their battle pass to level 200 or wherever your level goal for this season is.