Is Among Us cross platform/crossplay?

Can you play with your friends on other platforms?

Is there crossplay in Among Us?

Image via Steam

Among Us, the humorous deduction title from InnerSloth, has seen its popularity explode recently. The game was released in June 2018, but it really took in the summer of 2020 and has remained popular among streamers, content creators, and gamers in general.

Among Us is available on pretty much every major platform, from iOS, Android, PC, Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox. However, with the title purchasable on three different platforms, you might be wondering if Among Us supports cross-platform play. There is a big fanbase, but it is always fun to play against as many people as possible. So, is crossplay functionality supported in Among Us?

Yes, Among Us has cross-platform play. This feature has been present in the game since it launched. Sometimes, game developers will update their titles with crossplay functionality weeks and months after release. However, Among Us has had it from day one.

Among Us supports matches of four to 10 players in online and local co-op, and having crossplay functionality means that games will always be tense and funny in equal measure. It supports public and private matches as well so, if you would rather game within your group of friends, you can set up a private game that only they can take part in.

If you are playing alone, though, there are public servers that support matchmaking. You can filter by language, maps, and number of Impostors before you can find a game to join too, if you want matches that are short or want to play on a specific map.