Loot River full Achievements and Trophies List

Be very, very quiet. We’re hunting trophies.

Protagonist stands next to the game's weapons dealer

Screenshot by DoubleXP

If you’ve been craving a good dungeon-crawling game, you’re in luck. Loot River has been released on Steam and is poised and ready to scratch that itch for you. The game combines rogue-like dungeons with elements of Tetris to create a unique gaming experience. Thrown into the mix are a collection of trophies that you can earn by satisfying certain objectives as you play, giving ambitious players plenty to keep them coming back for more.

Here is a complete list of the achievements for Loot River. Beware that some of these will have potential spoilers for the game, so proceed with caution.

All Trophies and Achievements for Loot River

There are 15 trophies available for Loot River, so it shouldn’t be too time-consuming to get all of them. However, some are a little more obscure or require more luck to unlock. There is one secret trophy that can be unlocked. It is listed at the very bottom of this list to keep you from being spoiled if you want to go in fresh.

  • Down the Hole – Get kicked down the elevator shaft
  • Music Connoisseur – Fund Finnegan’s music education
  • Drinking Habits – Double your potion count through investment
  • Suspicious Deals – Make a deal with Callum
  • Fast Track – Finish Sunken Village within the time limit
  • Hidden Doors – Uncover three secret passages
  • Incineration – Have at least three platforms burning at once
  • Missing limb – Severe Gwen’s hand
  • Bravery – Rescue Emmet
  • Cleanser – Shatter the Relic
  • Weapon Obsession – Unlock all weapons
  • Scholar – Unlock all spells
  • High Fashion – Unlock all armor
  • Hat Enthusiast – Unlock all headgear
  • Retirement? – Escape Loot River. This is the sole secret trophy of the game.