Lost Ark Abyss Dungeon Guide: Aira’s Oculus

The first Tier 3 Abyss Dungeon.

Lost Ark

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Lost Ark has plenty of endgame content, which includes Abyss Dungeons — massive dungeons that require you to team up with other players to take down a variety of challenging bosses. Tier 3 Abyss Dungeons include Aira’s Oculus and Oreha’s Well, which all take place in the continent of Punika.

You need to be Tier 3 and Item Level 1325 to participate in Aira’s Oculus. However, the dungeon is recommended for Item Level 1340 and above. If you are between Item Level 1325 and 1340, your attacks will be blocked, and you’ll take more damage, so it’s not recommended to participate unless you have someone to carry you.

Head to the Abyss Dungeon instance in your major continent, and then choose Aira’s Oculus from Tier 3 content. Once you enter Aira’s Oculus, you’ll have to traverse a complicated map to reach the end, with bosses along the way. Here is the map of Aira’s Oculus:

First Boss

The first boss is Frenzied Cicerra, whose main mechanic is a stagger check. The boss is not terribly complicated but is mostly a test of how quickly you can defeat him. As you deal Stagger Damage to the boss, every time he is fully staggered, he will gain an attack buff. You can deal with it the first time, but the second time you stagger Cicerra, he will gain tons of attack.

Stay aware of this, and even consider holding Stagger Damage until you lower his HP enough, or if he goes into his special Grab mechanic. After you stagger Cicerra the first time, he may go to grab one of your teammates. You need to deal Stagger Damage to free your teammate, or your team will wipe. He will lose an Attack buff after this mechanic, so it’s actually useful to have him trigger this attack.

After defeating Cicerra, you’ll have to defeat some more mobs on the way to the dungeon’s final boss. There is a small but insignificant mini-boss along the way without any special mechanics or attacks.

Second Boss

The second boss has a couple of phases. This boss can heal throughout the fight, so deal damage over time to prevent the healing. He will take the fight into another location twice out of his three phases: once at 16-bars and another at about 6-bars.

The boss can imprison players with numerous attacks, including one which requires you to input a random set of keys on your keyboard to free yourself. During his second phase, the boss will also spawn balls across the map. You have to destroy the balls, or the boss can unleash a devastating attack.

In the third phase, he will take you back to the original location. Avoid walking up to the boss right away, as he will always start with a strong and wide AoE attack nearby. Be careful with his Imprison mechanic, where he will trap three random players. Free your teammates from imprisonment, or they will wipe.

That’s all you need to know about the Aira’s Oculus dungeon in Lost Ark! Defeating this will allow you to tackle the next Abyss Dungeon.