Lost Ark: Igrexion Guardian Raid Guide

Burn this boss down slowly.

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Igrexion is a Guardian Raid boss in Lost Ark, available to players in Tier 3 content with an Item Level of 1340. Igrexion is a moderately challenging boss with multiple phases, but it isn’t too difficult once you know all of the patterns.

When considering items, bring Flares and Pheremone Bombs. The map Igrexion is in is large, so you’ll want to Flare to locate him quickly, and then Pheremone Bomb, so he doesn’t move around the map. There is a phase where he will teleport if you do not Pheremone Bomb, so be aware of this. Bring some Panacea’s, as Igrexion pummels you with status ailments and debuffs.

Phase One

Phase One of Igrexion begins with his Dark Form. In this form, his attacks can blind you, impairing your vision. Otherwise, this is a straightforward and easy part of the battle. After a certain time, Igrexion will move onto his Earth Form. He will charge up a large AoE attack, which you can tell by viewing a large circle around Igrexion. You can stagger damage him out of this attack, but it’s recommended you simply run away from the AoE instead.

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Phase Two

This is where the real meat of the fight begins and involves Igrexion letting out a debilitating debuff. Here, after a certain amount of time, Igrexion forms another field around him, charging up a circle as he transitions into the field. You can stagger damage him out of this field and avoid the debuff that follows, but if you don’t, he will surround himself in a warm orange-ish field.

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When you are in this field, Igrexion applies a debuff that lowers your movement speed. At maximum stacks, you’ll notice you can barely move at all, which leaves you vulnerable to Igrexion’s many basic attack patterns. You can remove the stacks by using a Panacea or stepping out of the field for a moment and letting the debuff stacks reset.

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He will continue to remove and reapply the debuff field around him until you deal enough damage to transition him into his third phase, a Fire Form. Once he transitions into the Fire Form, he will not take damage from any sources and teleport to another random location on the map. This is where you should use your Pheremone Bomb if you have any.

Phase Three

Phase Three of Igrexion is similar to his Earth form, with Igrexion possessing similar (yet slightly stronger) attacks. He will create another field around him after a while, which you can tell as he charges a circle around his body. You can stagger damage him out of this field as well.

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When you are in this field, Igrexion will apply burn stacks that gradually deplete your HP as you stand inside it. If you apply too many stacks, you will lose tons and tons of health, so be careful and make sure to use Panacea’s to remove the burn debuff. Any class with cleansing abilities, such as Gunlancers and Paladins, can also remove this burn.

That’s all you need to know about the Igrexion fight in Lost Ark! Be sure to fight this boss twice a day to maximize your rewards, and get your characters up to Item Level 1370 to challenge the next Guardian Raid, Night Fox Yoho.