Lost Ark: Night Fox Yoho Guardian Raid Guide

Slay the fox.

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Night Fox Yoho is a Level 5 Guardian Raid in Lost Ark and is the penultimate fight before facing the Guardian Raid Velganos. Night Fox Yoho takes the appearance of a mysterious fox and will require a strong team of players of Item Level 1,370 and above. To start the raid, first, head to the Guardian Raid instance and find Night Fox Yoho.

Before entering Night Fox Yoho, be sure to bring some Pheremone Bombs and Destruction Bombs. Yoho will disappear at least twice throughout the fight, so Pheremone Bombs can keep Yoho in one spot, cutting the time you spend trying to find the boss. Destruction Bombs are important for the third phase of the fight, which requires you to hit the boss’ weak point.

Remember to stock up potions, and begin the fight once you’re ready.

Phase One, Two, and Three

The first three phases of the boss are relatively simple, with some basic attacks you should know about to maximize your damage while minimizing your losses.

Yoho has a widespread AoE attack, where she summons multiple clones of herself to swipe at you. You’ll be able to dodge this attack most of this time by staying up close to Yoho. Yoho can also leap into the air, disappear, and then spawn at a location nearby one of your allies. Be prepared to dodge this attack, but also, try and hold your long-lasting attacks so that Yoho doesn’t dodge your damage.

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Starting in Phase Two, Yoho has a strong attack where she summons beams of light from the sky that crash into you. She might also walk forward and summon extra beams of light. Try and dodge these beams as they deal tons of damage. Be prepared to hold your damage when Yoho is on the move.

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Yoho has a major mechanic in Phase Two that requires you to use attacks with lots of stagger. You’ll tell when she’s in this phase when she recludes and lets out blue light. If you do not stagger Yoho in time, she’ll transform you into a Fox Lady.

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Yoho will disappear once you deal enough damage to her at two thresholds: after Phase Two and after Phase Three. The second time she disappears will transition the fight into Phase Four.

Phase Three

Phase Three of the fight is mostly like the first two phases, but she has some new tricks up her sleeve. For the first part of the fight, Yoho will take reduced damage. To stop this, you must first deal tons of Stagger Damage to Yoho. Once you stagger Yoho, she will fall to the ground, and you have to aim for Weak Point attacks on her tail. (Use Destruction Bombs here!)

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Following this, Yoho will take increased damage. Phase Four also has a dangerous tornado attack where she will swing to the center, and then let out tons of tornadoes. If you are hit by a tornado, an ally must break you out with attacks. If you are not broken out in time, you will transform into a Fox Lady.

That’s all you need to know about Night Fox Yoho in Lost Ark! This boss can be easy and hard based on the knowledge of your teammates and how well you can apply Stagger Damage and Weak Point. Do your best to follow this guide and make your runs quick and simple.