Measuring your Compatibility request guide – Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Friendship is strength.

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Belamy has a request for you. He wishes to see a Pokémon who has a strong bond with its trainer. This bond must be unbreakable. This request is one of the easiest to complete as long as you have been properly caring for your Pokémon. If not, you will have to train a bit harder. Here is how you complete the Measuring Your Compatability request in Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

Screenshot by Gamepur

After you have completed the task of calming Kleavor, you will start to see new requests appear around Jubilife Village. Head over to the pasture to find Belamy standing next to the fence. Interact with him and he will request that you show him a Pokémon with which you have a strong bond. In other words, your friendship level with this Pokémon should be high.

Interact with Belamy a second time and he will ask you to show him a Pokémon. A menu will pop up with all the Pokémon you have in your pastures. Select one that you have a high friendship with. You can select your starter Pokémon. Odds are, you will have a strong bond with it already. Once you show him a Pokémon you share a strong bond with, Belamy will reward you with a Rare Candy.