MLB The Show 22: How do supercharged players work in Diamond Dynasty

For 48 hours, stats will be supercharged.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Opening Day in baseball is finally here. For many fans, it’s the greatest day of the entire season, and for players of MLB The Show 22, it’s where strategy really starts to come into play. If you’ve played MLB before, you’re already familiar with the way Inside Edge impacts live series cards. Stats move up or down based on who that player is facing that day. New this year for MLB The Show 22 is the addition of the Supercharged mechanic. Supercharged is a new time-limited mechanic where players will be boosted for 48 hours after a big game. In a blog post explaining the mechanic, Sony San Deigo promised that seven players will be supercharged to celebrate the seven games being played on April 7. Sony also makes it clear that this is meant to be “a rare phenomenon,” so it’s unclear exactly how often this new feature will be used.

an MLB the show 22 stat line showing that a bronze live series player has been boosted
image via Sony San Diego

One important note is that this will do nothing to the rarity of the card and thus nothing to its quicksell value, only boosting the specific stats highlighted in the performance. In the example above, you can see that only stats against right-handers were boosted for Brett Phillips following his hypothetical real-world performance.

Supercharged cards won’t totally disrupt the game, but they will add that dynamic feeling to roster building that so many MLB The Show fans crave. If you need ideas on scooping up as many live series players as you can, head over to our guide on the most expensive and least expensive live series sets in Diamond Dynasty