New Elder Scrolls Online companions Ember and Isobel, explained

Who will you choose?

Image via Zenimax

Elder Scrolls Online is getting a new expansion called High Isle. It is a part of the year-long adventure Legacy of the Bretons and will include new quests, an entirely fresh area, and two new companions. The companion system has been a fan-favorite feature since it was first introduced in the Blackwood chapter. Both companions will join previous companions Bastian and Mirri.

Who are High Isle’s Companions?

High Isle will introduce players to the Khajiit companion Ember and the Breton companion Isobel. Players can find them while they adventure in the new area. Both will be tied to their own individual quest and will be unlocked after the quest is completed. They will help fight enemies and can even heal the player when they need it.

Companions also have their own unique attitudes and perspectives. While you adventure with them, your deeds can impact your relationship with them. If you do things they like, they will like you more, but if you do things they dislike, their view of you will go down.


Ember grew up on the streets and has more of a wild carefree attitude. She has loose morals and may enjoy it when players steal and pickpocket. She’s a mage who prefers to use magic over brute force or stealth.


Isobel is an aspiring knight who has a more honorable and noble outlook on life. She prefers to seek out justice and do good in the world. Players who stick to the straight and narrow path may want to keep her around.