Roblox One Piece Rose codes (May 2022)

All active codes for One Piece Rose in Roblox.

Do you aspire to live the pirate life on the sea? While that may not be feasible in real life, Luffy and his crew have been doing so in the One Piece franchise for years. Roblox players can live in that same reality in One Piece Rose. The game is a unique take on the One Piece world, and if you desire extra beli, race spins, and experience boosts, we have compiled a complete list of codes you can redeem to get these rewards.

Where to redeem codes in One Piece Rose?

To redeem any of the codes listed below, open up One Piece Rose and open chat. Type in !Code (codename). For example, “!Code UPD3” will redeem that code if available. Any active code will instantly be redeemed for you. It should also be noted that the codes below are case sensitive.

One Piece Rose codes – Available

The following codes should all be active and redeemable in the game to get you a variety of freebies.

  • !Code UPD3 – Double experience boost and 15,000 beli

Expired codes

  • !Code Update2Out – Five race spins and 10,000 yen
  • !Code BackUp – Five hours double experience boost and 8,000 yen
  • !Code 10k Likes – 30 minutes double experience boost, and also 5,000 beli
  • !Code Update1 – Three hours double experience boost, ten race spins, and 40,000 beli
  • !Code King Of Races – Five race spins
  • !Code SoSorry – Double experience boost and 5,000 beli
  • !Code FreeRelease – Double XP boost