Pisces Side Job – should you accept or decline Maiko’s payment – Cyberpunk 2077

Weigh your options.

Pisces is a Side Job in Cyberpunk 2077 that you will do for Judy. She wants help freeing Clouds from Tyger Claw control. The mission plays out as something of a raid on Megabuilidng H8, where Clouds is located.

You will need to meet up with Judy on the ground floor, then head to maintenance. There are three guards here that you need to take out, but it doesn’t matter if things get loud. From there, head upstairs in an elevator, then drop down onto the balcony below the roof. Take out the civilian wandering around, then head inside. You’ll find a guard across the room but can sneak past him easily. Head upstairs and neck-snap the guard outside the door, then walk inside.

Maiko, who is supposed to help Judy free Clouds, makes her own play, and while this is happening she can offer you some money to back her in her play. There are some pretty severe consequences to what you do here, so we will run through them below.

Accept Payment from Maiko

If you go with Maiko, Judy will hate you and that will be the end of your missions with her. If you are playing as female V, then you will not be able to romance her, Maiko will take over Clouds, and you won’t have to kill the Tyger Claws.

Refuse Payment from Maiko

If you refuse payment from Maiko then Judy will still like you, and you will get access to her next Side Job. You will also be able to potentially romance her. Maiko still becomes the boss of Clouds, and you still don’t have to fight the Tyger Claws.

Ignore those options and tell Maiko she has gone too far

Judy will still be happy, Maiko doesn’t become the boss of CLouds, and you have to kill the Tyger Claws. You will need to speak with Maiko afterward, and do not threaten her. If you do she will attack and you have to kill her, which upsets Judy.

For our money, the last option is the best. Maiko doesn’t seem like much of an upgrade from the Tyger Claws, but you also don’t want to kill her. There might be some future blowback from the Tyger Claws due to the death of their men, but it is impossible to know right now. At the end of the day, Maiko tried to screw everyone over with her own, so telling her to get lost and whipping Clouds out from under her while keeping Judy happy seems like the best option all around.