The 10 rarest items in The Elder Scrolls Online

Find out what items only a handful of players have.

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Some players enjoy The Elder Scrolls Online for its social aspect, others for its challenging dungeons, while some just love to collect rare items. And with The Elder Scrolls Online being over five years old, there are plenty of rare items to satisfy those collectors out there. This list will highlight the rarest items in The Elder Scrolls Online and how to get them.

Aetheric Cipher

Aetheric Ciphers are needed to obtain the recipe for Mythic Aetherial Ambrosia potions. These potions give players a 150% XP boost for 30 minutes. And because everyone needs to level up in Elder Scrolls Online, crafting these potions can be an incredibly lucrative business. Aetheric Cipher’s drop off of any non-DLC enemies, but the drop rate is extremely low, so many players only dream of getting their hands on one.

Encasement of Anguish

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One of the rarest item sets in the game, Encasement of Anguish, can’t be acquired in the current game. Its drop rate was removed, but it can still be traded. The armor’s style was converted into the costume, Dark Seducer, available to every player after hitting CP level 60.

Imgakin Monkey

In The Elder Scrolls Online, pets are purely cosmetic companions available to every class. The rarest of these companions is the Imgakin Monkey, a pet only available to those who participated in The Elder Scrolls Online closed beta. Unfortunately, it’s not tradable, so its price can’t be accurately assessed. It’s safe to say it’s one of the rarest items in the game, however, as there were only a limited amount of players participating in the beta.

Jaedi and Lire Runestones

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These are the rarest crafting materials in the game by a long shot. They were immediately discontinued in 2014, weeks after launch. Originally Lire Runestones were used for weapon damage crafting, a mechanic unavailable in the current game. Many players believe these runestones were mistakenly left in the game by developers, as they don’t give XP when deconstructed.

Petty Soul Gem

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Before Update 12, the introduction of One Tamriel, there were six different types of Soul Gems in the game. Each type had a level range, similar to Skyrim. Now that Soul Gems only come in one type now, Petty Soul Gems are exceedingly rare.

Radiant Apex Mounts

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These incredibly rare mounts can only be acquired by opening Crown Crates. These are loot boxes purchased with real money. If you want one of these mounts, expect to spend a ridiculous amount of money, as their drop rate is about 0.6% per chest.

Runebox: Clockwork Reliquary

This costume has a very low drop rate from enemies in the mini-trial Asylum Sanctorium. And it only drops on Veteran Mode Asylum Sanctorium, making it a challenging item to farm.

Runebox: Timbercrow Wanderer Costume

Timbercrow Wanderer is a costume that players can craft using 50 Siege of Cyrodiil Merits and a Siege of Cyrodiil Distinction. What makes this costume rare is the limited availability of Siege of Cyrodiil Merits. You can only earn one Merit per day, meaning it will take you at least 50 days to craft this costume.


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This is by far the rarest weapon in the game. Like Jaedi and Lire Runestones, the developers most likely added this weapon to the game on accident. At launch, you could catch this item while fishing in Stonefalls. Since then, the drop rate has been patched, and the weapon cannot be traded. It has mediocre stats with a Base Damage of 168-1335 and 110-1428 Flame Damage.

Velothi Triptych, Volcano

Elder Scrolls Online players know weapons aren’t the only items worth collecting. Furniture brings life to your home in ESO, but paintings such as Velothi Triptych, Waterfall sell for enormous amounts of gold. It earns its high price tag by having an incredibly low drop rate in VVardenfell containers.