Resident Evil 3 Remake: How to get the Bolt Cutters

Get them quick to cut the chained doors.

Bolt Cutters close up.

As you get started in Resident Evil 3, you’re likely to come across quite a few frustratingly chained off areas and items, including a fancy shotgun sitting in a locked and chained case.

Where to find the Bolt Cutters location

To get inside any of them, you need the bolt cutters, but getting to them can be a bit roundabout. First, you’ll want to trigger a cutscene. Walk to the end of the street you start on, and you’ll be prompted to put out a fire to proceed.

Main street.
Burning alleyway.

Then, you need to make a detour to the Kite Bros. Railway offices, through the donut shop (the route to which conveniently opened up when you walked away from the fiery area). There’s a single zombie inside, but it shouldn’t be too much of a threat. Head down the hallway and to your right, and you’ll find a fire hose (the room to the right also contains the shotgun I mentioned earlier).

Kite Bros. Railway, home of the fire hose and shotgun.

Take that fire hose back to the blocked-off route, plug it into the fire hydrant, and proceed forward. The bolt cutters are sitting in plain sight at the end of the safe room.

Your final destination.