Roblox Ghouls: Bloody Nights codes (May 2022)

Simply ghoulish.

Image via Roblox Corporation

In Roblox Ghouls: Bloody Nights, players will need to choose sides in a war for Tokyo. Players can step into the role of the Ghouls or the CCG who are trying to stop them, and they can build bases, and organize together with other players.

How to redeem Codes

To redeem codes in Roblox Ghouls: Bloody Nights, players will need to hit the menu button in the bottom right of the screen, then the cogwheel symbol. You will be able to see where it says Promo Code, so type the code into the text box beside the Twitter logo, then hit the Enter button.

Currently active Ghouls: Bloody Nights codes

  • EdwardTheReaper – Receive ¥2.5K
  • MaineBackOnGBN -Receive ¥2.5K
  • Sagee4TheCenti – Receive ¥1,750
  • NextCodeAt100kLikes – Receive ¥6,000
  • UpdatesAreBack – Receive ¥1,750
  • HappyHolidays – Receive ¥1,750
  • KoPandaBear – Receive ¥2,500
  • StannTheTwoTailed – Receive ¥1,750
  • DemonSlayerComingSoon Receive ¥2,000
  • BEARStudioIsBack – Receive ¥6,000