Roblox Hyper Clickers codes (May 2022)

Gain an advantage with these codes for Roblox Hyper Clickers.

Hyper Clickers, as you can guess, is all about clicking. You click on objects to get more clicks, to hatch eggs containing good loot, and to gain rebirths. There are lot of things that you’ll want to keep an eye on, such as the amount of clicks you have and the loot you are getting. If you want to give yourself some room to breathe with it, why not use some codes to give yourself a boost?

How to enter codes in Hyper Clickers

Look for the Discord icon on the side of your screen and click on it. The window to type the code out will appear. Enter whichever code you want and hit “Redeem” for the reward.

Active Hyper Clickers codes

  • E – Elsa pet
  • Russo – Free pet
  • Pet – Fearless Cat pet

Expired Hyper Clickers codes

  • UPDATE30 – 10 million Clicks and Gems