The best Don’t Starve Together mods

Which utilities can make your life a little easier and less grindy.

Image via Klei Entertainment

Don’t Starve Together has gained great popularity as a survival-horror game. Many players have come to love it both for its challenging singleplayer gameplay and its multiplayer capabilities. There are plenty of DST servers around for players looking for a new challenge or just a new group of friends to enjoy the game with. The only downside to the game is that there are some sensible features that players have come to expect in modern games that just aren’t present in DST.

The game can feel very grindy and unpredictable at times. Players that want a challenge love it and players that are looking for a casual experience get annoyed by it. Luckily, there is an active modding community to fill every need. Here are the ten best utilitarian Don’t Starve Together mods to fit any playstyle or end goal. All of these mods are available in the Steam Workshop.

Automatic Gardener

Image via Steam Workshop

Some people like gardening, but those that don’t can use this mod to automate the tedious task. This mod by DrBLOOD lets you can create a machine that will handle all of your gardening for you. You can build the machine from some pretty common supplies. Once built, just select the area you want for the garden, drop in some seeds, and then forget about it. The machine will do all of the work for you.

ActionQueue Reborn

ActionQueue Reborn is a simple and extremely useful mod for any longtime Don’t Starve Together player. This mod by eXiGe allows players to save their clicker finger by queuing up actions. While you have the tool you want to use equipped, you can hold shift and drag it over the area you want to work in. The mod will automatically queue up the actions for you so you can have your character work away with the tool until they are done. This saves you a lot of clicking and is good for set-and-forget gameplay when you are farming or just busy with real life.

Skin Queue

Image via Steam Workshop

Skin Queue is another time-saving tool similar to ActionQueue Reborn. The mod allows you to queue items you want to weave or unravel and completes the task automatically. The best part of this mod, that a lot of veteran players have been begging the developer for, is that it adds an “Unravel All Duplicates” button to handle the tedious task automatically. Be careful though — this mod acts more like a blunt instrument, so if you unravel something you don’t mean to, there is no getting it back.

Gesture Wheel

Image via Steam Workshop

This isn’t a necessary mod, but it can be useful and fun for multiplayer games. The Gesture Wheel allows players to get a small GUI with several different emoticons similar to the system found in other popular games like Overwatch. Players can hover over any emote they want to express to activate it or get the command to use it. Press “G” to pull the wheel up for use.

Fast Travel GUI

Image via Steam Workshop

This may be the best mod ever made for the game, especially if you are playing with Swaggy’s Giant Size mod. This mod adds a basic fast travel feature to the game. The mod uses signs and a custom GUI to allow players to instantly move between areas they have marked as important. Just plop a sign down that you want to use a fast travel point and right-click on it to get started.

Giant Size

Image via Steam Workshop

If the map sizes in the standard games seem a bit small for your taste, this mod will give you another size option. The base game allows for map sizes ranging from 350 by 350 to 450 by 450 units. The Giant Size mod adds a fifth map size of 640 by 640 units. The authors of this mod, Swaggy and EvenMr, suggest using it with mods that add new biomes like the Sugarwood Forest Biome mod. A map as large as the new giant size will give players a massive area to roam and the potential for long-term continuous gameplay. This is great for people that prefer long periods of play without frequently deleting maps.

Combined Status

Image via Steam Workshop

This mod slips into the game very easily and gives players a lot of control over their HUD. The mod can show you the exact values of a lot of statistics the effect your characters. You have the base stats like hunger and sanity, but it also shows your temperature, the temperature of the world, the phase of the moon, the season, and a lot of other values as well. The mod is fully configurable, so you have every state you could ever want at a glance.

Display Food Values

Image via Steam Workshop

This mod is pretty simple but very useful. It shows the values of every food item in the game on your HUD. This allows players to know exactly how each food item will affect their stats. It also shows how long until food spoils so you can plan your meals and manage your hunger a little better.


Image via Steam Workshop

This mod can give you a little help with the Crock Pot. The mod can predict the result of whatever ingredients you put in a crockpot. This lets you plan ahead and better manage your food and inventory. Just click on the “Predict” button in the crockpot menu to get your possible results.

Global Positions

Image via Steam Workshop

This mod is perfect for multiplayer and is especially useful when combined with the Giant Size and Fast Travel mods. The mod basically gives you a GPS for your teammates. You gain an indicator for each of the other players and it will automatically reveal any parts of the map they have explored without the need of a Cartographer’s Desk. It may seem a little like cheating to make the Cartographer’s Desk obsolete, but when playing co-op, it is a lot easier to just follow an indicator to your friend than to ask “which tree” for the umpteenth time in a Discord call.