The best Fantastic Four builds in Marvel Strike Force

Marvel’s First Family has some unfamiliar faces to it.

Marvel Strike Force

Image via FoxNext Games

The Fantastic Four are one of the most iconic superhero teams in existence. The most well-known line-up of Reed Richards, Sue Richards, Johnny Storm, and Ben Grimm have been mainstays of the Marvel universe since 1961. These might be the names that are most associated with the Fantastic Four team, but they are far from the only heroes who have stepped into the role.

In Marvel Strike Force, your teams consist of five heroes or villains, but there are actually six characters that synergize together well to create a solid Fantastic Four team. The two additional heroes are Namor the Submariner and She-Hulk, both of whom have long histories with Marvel’s First Family in the comics, so there are a few choices in how you put together your team.

The Best Marvel Strike Force Fantastic Four Team

The best build for a Fantastic Four team in Marvel Strike Force is:

  • Invisible Woman – A Protector that can limit the damage dealt to other, more delicate characters on the team.
  • Namor the Submariner – A Brawler who can deal decent melee damage, but his real contribution is to boost the area of damage dealt by other heroes.
  • The Thing – Another Brawler, this time with solid damage potential, especially when paired with She-Hulk
  • She-Hulk – Her synergy with the Fantastic Four is impressive, considering she wasn’t an original member of the team. She is a Protector that gains Charged every time an enemy attacks her or a Fantastic Four ally. At full Charged, she transfers all negative effects on the Fantastic Four teammates to the enemy with the highest damage as well as deals heavy damage to them and all adjacent targets.
  • Human Torch – A Blaster who also has the added benefit of boosting his teammates damage by 30%.

The most difficult character to unlock on the Fantastic Four is Sue Richards, aka The Invisible Woman, who is a Legendary character that requires a Sinister Six team to unlock. Once you do unlock her, however, she is easily a top-tier character who provides some of the best defense of any character in the game, making her an easy choice for inclusion. This, combined with Human Torch’s damage boosting abilities and She-Hulk’s ability to remove all negative effects with her special, create a really tough team.