The best marksman heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Pick off the opposition from a distance.

Image via Moonton

As seasons change in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, heroes come and go, while others continue to bask in the spotlight. It’s perhaps toughest on a player who frequents being a carry, usually designated to marksman heroes. With just a single patch, a hero who was once viable could turn useless or underrated. These marksmen in particular have stood the test of time, whether it’s due to their playstyle or kit, and have become the best marksman in Mobile Legends.

After all, marksmen have the most crucial role in Mobile Legends. As a marksman, it’s your job to dish out heavy amounts of damage, but before that, you’ll need to farm minions and grab a few core items. With a competent team at your back, and one of the best marksmen in Mobile Legends, you’ll win more than a few games with these heroes.


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The biggest weaknesses marksmen have: lack of mobility. They’ll dish out all kinds of damage, so long as they keep their distance. Granger has no such weakness; in fact, quite the opposite. Granger’s strength is mobility, capable of staying at arm’s length while bursting down the opposition with bonus critical damage, his burst attack “Rhapsody,” and all of that before breakfast. To top off his strength, his blink ability, “Rondo,” gets cooldown reduction for every tick of damage done with Rhapsody.


Karrie might not be as flashy as, say, Granger, but her team-carrying burst damage isn’t anything to sneeze at, even if it is simplistic in nature. Karrie’s playstyle revolves primarily around auto-attacking. This is because her passive “Lightwheel Mark” kicks in after consecutive basic attacks, adding bonus true damage to your auto-attacks. Prioritize attack speed and watch Karrie go to town with true damage.



In order to unlock the full potential of Claude, you need to spend quite a bit of time with him. Practice makes perfect, you know? Like Karrie, Claude relies heavily on basic attacks and attack speed, but more importantly, the Demon Hunter Sword. It grants his basic attacks and abilities percentage-based physical damage. And it can be nasty—especially against tanks. On top of that, he’s got some solid mobility and bonus attack speed. He tends to be banned, unfortunately.


Moskov and his spear are best friends. He takes it everywhere with him, even to the supermarket. Moskov’s spear is also incredibly deadly, and his kit reflects that. For starters, his basic attacks will penetrate your target and deal 80 percent of the original damage to enemies standing behind them, while also providing cooldown reduction to his other abilities. Through Spear of Misery, he can provide CC in the way of stuns, and a big AOE burst attack with Spear of Destruction. You’ve got to give him time to farm so he snowballs mid to late-game, however.



Lesley isn’t so worried about attack speed as she is critical hit damage, and she’s got that in spades. Her attacks are slower compared to other marksmen, but as a sniper, Lesley just needs a clean shot. Her kit revolves primarily around making each basic attack that much stronger, whether it’s through bonus attack damage from Master of Camouflage or Lethal Shot, her passive. Once you’ve bought core critical chance and damage items, Lesley can easily take down an enemy hero at full health.


Bruno used to be underrated as a marksman, but in reality, you need to spend time with him in order to unlock what he’s capable of delivering. Comparing him to, say, Granger, Bruno has most of what an excellent marksman needs: poke damage, a stun, critical hit chance, and long attack range. His passive, Mecha Legs, will grant bonus critical hit chance for every ability you land, stacking up to 10 times. Practice his Flying Tackle and Bruno is a force to be reckoned with.

Yi Sun-shin

Most of the heroes on this list tend to outdamage Yi Sun-shin, but few can match his really fun playstyle. At first glance, Yi Sun-shin seems to be torn between melee and ranged—he’s both. He’ll stick to his bow when picking off enemies at a distance, but if someone gets too close, Yi Sun-shin can switch to his sword, gaining bonus damage for every switch. Half of his abilities such as Traceless and Blood Floods benefit from switching weapon styles, a dash and burst damage, respectively.



Out of all the heroes on this list, Hanabi is perhaps the safest and easiest to pick up. For starters, her passive grants lifesteal, which overflows into a shield if she’s at full health. And when it is, she’s immune to crowd control. Petal Barrage grants additional lifesteal and makes her basic attacks bounce from one target to another, up to three times. Hanabi’s ultimate, Higanbana, can be a game changer if used when the enemy team is close together. When used at the right time, it’ll immobilize and damage every enemy hero in the area.