The best moveset of Slurpuff in Pokémon Go

Prepare your Pokémon for a battle.

Image via Niantic

The Fairy-type Pokémon in Pokémon Go have a tough life of not having the best Fairy-type fast moves, but they’re still suitable choices. You want to make sure when you’re using the best moves they can learn, though. Slurpuff is a good example of making sure you need teach the correct moves. If it doesn’t, Slurpuff can struggle in the Great League against a variety of opponents. We’ve also broken down if you can capture a shiny version of it, if it’s good, and how to evolve Swirlix into Slurpuff. We also discovered the best moveset to teach it to make it a suitable combatant against other trainers.

Slurpuff is a pure Fairy-type Pokémon. It is weak against Poison and Steel-type attacks, but it is resistant against Bug, Dark, Dragon, and Fighting-type attacks. When you use it in PvP, Slurpuff has a maximum CP of 2,199, an attack of 144, a defense of 140, and a stamina of 164. When using it in PvE battles and raids, it has an attack of 168, a defense of 163, and a stamina of 193. While it is not the most powerful Pokémon in Pokémon Go, it can do some hefty damage against certain Dark, Dragon, and Fighting-type Pokémon, especially the Pokémon in the Great League meta.

These are all of the moves Slurpuff can learn.

Fast moves

  • Charm (Fairy-type) – 16 damage and 2 energy (5.3 damage per turn)
  • Tackle (Normal-type) – 3 damage and 2 energy (3 damage per turn)

Charged moves

  • Draining Kiss (Fairy-type) – 60 damage and 55 energy
  • Energy Ball (Grass-type) – 90 damage and 55 energy (10% chance to lower an opponent’s defense by one rank)
  • Flamethrower (Fire-type) – 90 damage and 55 energy
  • Play Rough (Fairy-type) – 90 damage and 60 energy

Slurpuff doesn’t have too many options available to it, especially in the fast move category. You want to go with charm. It’s a solid Fairy-type move and is miles better than tackle, a Normal-type attack that doesn’t do as much damage as charm, and provides the same amount of energy.

For the charged moves, you have a few more choices to consider. The best charged move attack you need to make sure you teach Slurpuff is play rough. While it does cost the most, the amount of damage it does far outweighs the additional five energy you need to fire it off, especially for a Fairy-type move.

The second choice you want to teach Slurpuff can be difficult, and the decision comes down to flamethrower or energy ball. Slurpuff is weak against Steel-type Pokémon and attacks, so having flamethrower can help take these opponents out or have a counter to a Steel-type during the battle. Alternatively, energy ball is also effective to beat Ground, Rock, and Water-type Pokémon. It comes down to what you want to focus on when you use Slurpuff on your team. Both attacks have the same damage and energy requirements.

Slurpuff is a decent choice in Pokémon Go. You primarily want to use it in the Great League if you plan to add it to a PvP roster, though. You can take it into the Ultra League, but it will struggle unless you can level it up and give it XL candy.

The best moveset to teach Slurpuff is the fast move charm followed by the charged moves play rough and flamethrower or energy ball.