The best teams in Genshin Impact

The best team ups in the game.

Image via Genshin Impact

Everything you do in Genshin Impact will be made easier, or harder, by your team. A good mix of damage types, elements, and roles for the task at hand is a must. Because players will get characters randomly from Wishes, coming up with default “good” teams can be tough, but there are certain aspects that you should keep in mind when building your team.

These will apply no matter what characters you have access to, and from experience, a lot can be done with the characters that you will get either from quests or from events in the game. Knowing how to actually put together a good team is more important than some lucky Wishes. We will run through important details first, then touch on some solid team comps you can build if you got lucky.

Damage is king

Having a main damage dealer is a must. This is the character you will rely on the most to dish out damage to enemies. You can focus on physical damage or magic damage. For physical damage, the Claymore is pretty much the king, while magical damage will be hugely dependent on the next point.

What are you fighting?

Whether it be the Spiral Abyss, domain runs, tough boss fights, or speed farming, the things you are fighting will dictate the elemental damage you want to do. There is no real point in bringing Diluc to a Pyro Regisvine fight, even if he is a great damage dealer.

Elemental Synergy

Another very important aspect to consider is how your character’s abilities interact. Do they cause elemental reactions that you want in the fight? Does the natural flow from one character into another make sense to achieve the damage types you want? There is a lot to consider, but it can mostly be broken down to a simple rule. Once you are not casting similar elements in a row or fighting enemies with those elements, you are in a good spot.

Energy regen

Finally, to cast abilities you need energy, and energy is generated by your characters. Your Elemental Skill fuels your Elemental Burst, so being able to cast that skill a lot is a good thing. This means you want to regularly rotate into a character to cast their skill, and if you are not doing that, they shouldn’t be in your team.

Build around your main DPS

Your main DPS should dictate the rest of the team. If they do a lot of physical damage, you can look to the other characters to heal them, buff them up, and provide crowd control. If you are going with someone like Childe, you should be building elements in your team that will complement his Hydro abilities and cover up his weaknesses.

Example Teams

Free To Play

If you have been going hard at Genshin Impact, but not putting in any money, you will have Noelle, the Traveller, Kaeya, and Barbara. These make up a very good team. Noelle can do a lot of damage with the Claymore, and setting the Traveler to Geo will improve that damage output thanks to the elemental resonance bonus for having two Geo characters in the party. it is very useful for Noelle as she generates so many shields from her abilities.

Noelle can also provide healing that is based on her damage, while Kaeya provides solid crowd control that is amplified if you have Barbara out there throwing out some Hydro damage. Barbara can also bring plenty of additional healing, but if you don’t want it, drop her out for Amber and her Pyro damage instead.

Diluc’s Deadly Dancers

If you have gotten lucky with Wishes and have Diluc, he is an S-Tier primary DPS. Once again the physical damage output shines as he is a Claymore user, and he can also unleash massive Pyro damage. Pair him with Fischl, who was free in the Unrecoconciled Stars event, and you have a powerful elemental combo on your hands. Venti can massively increase the elemental damage while offering powerful crowd control, and then you can use your healer of choice to keep them all in the fight.

Childe’s Chosen

Childe is one of the best DPS characters in the game, only really limited by skill cooldowns. As such, you want another DPS character in there with him and Xingqiu is a fantastic option for this. Qiqi can provide healing and crowd control, or go with Diona if you got lucky on your Wishes. Finally, Fischl provides great synergy with Childe, or you can go with Razor to fill the Electro and secondary DPS gap if you have him. We’ve been running a weird blend of Child, Fischl, Razor, and Diona lately, and it has been a riot.

Razor’s Blades

Razor is a superb physical damage dealer, and while many people won’t quite consider him an S-Tier, he sits in a weird spot just below that rank. His Elemental Burst amps his damage up with Electro, but also increases his attack speed, making him an extremely strong option, and worth investing in. Diona or Qiqi will act as suitable supports, bringing crowd control, healing, and synergy with Cryo. After that, Xingqiu is a great option, and back them up with Venti, a Pyro character of your choice, or even just Barbara for brute force healing.

The Explorer’s Guild

Not everything in the game involves fighting, and if you just want to explore the map then characters like Venti, Razor, Jean, and Klee make a great combination in Mondstadt. Venti can use his Elemental Skill to traverse cliffs, and Jean will bring some Anemo resonance to the party, increase travel speed. Razor reduces a party’s stamina cost and Klee will mark rare resources on the map.

The above teams are just small samples of what you can do with different builds in Genshin Impact, and you should experiment with the characters you have available to find what works for you. You are bound to be able to put something strong together from what you have unlocked so far, so don’t get caught up in the idea of a “best” team when there are so many routes to success.