The best ways to farm gold in Rogue Legacy 2

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Rogue Legacy 2 is the long-anticipated sequel that has been in early access for quite some time. Developer Cellar Door Games revamped returning mechanics and the art style. New elements are woven into every aspect of Rogue Legacy 2, most notably the narrative being told through the Citadel’s twisted and randomly generated layouts. One thing hasn’t changed: gold and hoarding it as much as possible. This guide will break down the best way to farm this valuable resource.

Traits for gold

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After the initial tutorial level, you will be presented with the Universal Healthcare upgrade for the manor. This upgrade allows traits to give you gold based on how complex the trait is. These are some of the best characteristics to watch for if you’re looking to farm gold.

  • Charismatic – 15% gold discount on all shops.
  • Exploding Casket Syndrome – Gold +50%, but enemies drop explosives after dying.
  • Osteogenesis Imperfecta – Gold +200%, but you die in one hit.
  • Pacifier – Gold +150%, but -60% HP.
  • Vertigo – Gold +75%, but game is flipped vertically.

These upgrades are great for farming gold. They are even better if paired with certain manor upgrades.

Manor Gold Upgrades

The manor contains several gold-related upgrades to give you more money or save you some between runs.

  • Charity Dungeon – Giving Charon gold grants Stat Bonuses.
  • Massive Vault – Increase Gold Gain. +5% gold gain per rank.
  • Repurposed Mining Shaft – Increases Gold Gain for certain Traits. +10% Gold granted by Trait bonus per rank
  • Scribe’s Office – Increase Living Safe’s Gold Conversion. +4% Gold per rank

Farming Axis Mundi

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The Axis Mundi region is the best area to farm a lot of gold fast. This entire region gives 20% more gold, and this buff stacks with every other gold upgrade and trait that are currently active. Once you unlock this region, head here to safely farm as much gold as possible for future runs.