The best ways to get XP in MLB The Show 22

Simple suggestions to help you get more rewards.

Screenshot by Gamepur

MLB The Show 22 has a plethora of content for you to chew on right now. One of the stress points for players is that Featured Programs operate on a limited-time clock where you miss rewards if you don’t gain enough XP. We can show you some of our favorite ways to collect XP, which have been working well for us. It is important to note that these are simply suggestions, and nothing has been confirmed to be the absolute best mathematical method.

The Road to the Show method

The career mode for MLB The Show has undergone significant changes over the last two years, but it’s very possible to cover a significant amount of XP just by playing this alone. By doing specific missions in Road to The Show you can get program XP. It’s important to remember that you need to turn on fielding opportunities to do fielding tasks and turn on baserunning opportunities to steal bases so that you can maximize your gains. If you are playing a position player, remember that repeatable missions do not reset until you go back to the clubhouse, so check your missions and keep a mental note of when your objectives turn over.

The March to October method

This method may not be the fastest, but depending on how deep you can make a run or how fast you crash and burn, you can earn mountains of XP. You have to first decide your difficulty and team. Your goal in March to October is simple: win the championship. But your secondary goal is to get above your projected wins for the season. The higher above your projected win total at the various gates in the season, the more XP you earn. If you prefer a slightly faster version of this, play an underdog longshot who will be eliminated early. The faster you are eliminated from MTO, the more runs you can start and the more XP you can earn.

Complete Program objectives

Throughout the length of any feature program, there will be missions that will often reward big batches of XP. It may be collecting a certain player card from a new player program, or earning Parallel XP with a specific player or team. Some of these missions can be done in a handful of games, and others may take a week or so. Simply head into the program’s menu and check the objectives before heading into games.