Waiting Demon’s Rift Treasure Map solution in Lost Ark

Maybe that demon was hidden away for a reason.

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Even though Lost Ark is filled to the brim with content, there are some hidden treasures and dungeons that players aren’t guided to by the quest log. Some of the dungeons require players to explore on their own to find.

Once your journey takes you to the Rethramis Border region, blue scrolls might be mixed into your loot after a dungeon or out on the map. These rare items are Secret Maps that can lead you to hidden dungeons out in the world of Lost Ark. You’ll need to find the area of the map that resembles the map written on the scroll and go to the point marked with an X. Once there, you’ll find an interactable spot that will take you to the hidden dungeon you’re after.

How to solve the Waiting Demon’s Rift treasure map in Lost Ark

Screenshot by DoubleXP

Once you get your hands on the map called Waiting Demon’s Rift, you’ll need to head to the Rethramis Border region of Rethramis. Once you’re there, opening the map should helpfully reveal the number of steps you are away from your goal. You’ll want to head to the far south part of the map.

Once you get to Point 1 on the map below, you should see a barn. Just to the north of it, is an interactable object titled Enter Secret Dungeon. Activate it and it will ask if you wish to enter the dungeon now. Head inside and defeat the monsters that you find.

Screenshot by DoubleXP

Unlike other dungeons in Lost Ark, these Secret Dungeons don’t tend to contain great loot. They’re generally filled with some basic monsters and one mid-level boss to fight, which will drop some decent gear. However, if you enjoy a bit of treasure hunting and getting to know the maps of Lost Ark a bit better, these are a fun addition to the game.