What are the tent icons for in The Good Life?

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The Good Life

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While shrines are introduced through the main story in The Good Life, there’s another major map icon the critical path ignores: tents. These tent icons can be used as camping spots, but unlocking this function requires a few steps.

Considering how large the map is and how many systems players need to contend with such as sleep, stress, and hunger, camping spots can be extremely helpful if you go out of your way to unlock their full utility.

What you’ll find at tents

Each greyed out tent icon houses an outdoor kitchen, storage box, and a tent. The outdoor kitchen can be used to cook any recipe just as if Naomi were in her own home. The Good Life places zero consequences on players that cook outside. The storage boxes can be used to hold extra inventory items. This storage space is shared with the storage at home, meaning you can use this when planning larger treks in advance.

The tents themselves are probably the most useful, though. You can sleep in them for three, six, or nine hours. If you don’t want to sleep, tents also serve as manual save points.

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How to unlock camping

The outdoor kitchen and storage box are immediately accessible upon discovering your first tent icon. Unlocking the tent itself, however, requires completing a side quest.

To start the quest, purchase the use of an outdoor kitchen at any greyed out tent icon found throughout the world. You’ll have to spend anywhere from £75 to £85 to register the kitchen. After this first registration, a dialogue scene with Morris Downer begins. He asks Naomi to register three more outdoor kitchens for a reward.

Ignore the main quest and do this immediately. Find and register three more outdoor kitchens, which are found at the tent icons, to complete the quest. Remember you have to pay a £75 to £85 registration fee per kitchen. Upon completion, Morris rewards Naomi with the ability to use the tent as a camping ground. From this point forward, any previously unlocked and future tent acts exactly like the bed at home.