What do you need to do in Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water Eighth Drop?

Keep an eye out.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Eighth Drop is a unique mission in Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water. In it, you play as Ren while he keeps an eye on the shop and the two other protagonists while they sleep. However, because the mission is so different, it’s easy to get confused about what you need to do. In this guide, we’ve outlined how you complete the mission so you don’t spend too long exploring the shop aimlessly. 

What do you do in Eighth Drop?

Screenshot by Gamepur

This mission revolves around keeping the two other characters, who are asleep in separate rooms, safe. To do this, you need to look at the surveillance cameras through the TV in the study. You’ll see a few ghosts appear in the store, but you don’t need to head out of the study to go and defeat them unless they enter either of the bedrooms.

You’ll notice when a ghost enters a bedroom because you’ll see it, and the camera will start to flicker. You can access both bedrooms easily through the doors in the study. A handy map also shows you where a room is when looking at it through the security camera.

A third character will appear in another bedroom at some point. This is downstairs, and you can pick up a note from the bed if you run into the bedroom to try to catch her. There’s also a lot of lore to be found if you follow the ghosts that appear just out of sight and walk into rooms. However, the only ghosts you have to battle are those in the bedrooms. Keep watching the cameras, and the mission will end at around the 20-minute mark.