What does charisma do in The Good Life?

Keep up your appearance.

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In The Good Life, how you present yourself to the townspeople of Rainy Woods plays a factor in how they treat you. Donating at Cat and Dog shrines will affect your Dog and Cat (DC) gauge. Depending on where your DC gauge is, the townsfolk will treat you differently. For example, if your DC gauge is leaning towards the dog, the residents who favor dogs will lower their shop prices and give you quests. Your charisma also influences the game, although it’s never directly told to the player how.

What charisma does and how to manage it

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Charisma, which is the green gauge right below Naomi’s health, is her hygiene. When this lowers, shop prices will go up. So, it’s important to make sure that you keep Naomi’s charisma bar as high as you can at all times.

There are three ways to raise Naomi’s charisma: beauty care, showering, and sleeping. You can perform beauty care by walking up to the dresser in Naomi’s house. Doing this will raise her charisma back up slightly. You can take a shower by going to the bathroom in Naomi’s house and it’ll also give a boost to her charisma. Sleeping can be performed by going to the bed and going to sleep for any period of time.

If you end up doing one of the tasks and notice that there’s no change to Naomi’s health, simply perform the other two tasks.

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There are some items at the bar that can help you maintain your charisma for a short duration. Just scroll through the menu and look out for anything with a buff with eye icon, which means it’ll affect your charisma.