What does the Loan Manager do in Football Manager 2021?

This is an incredibly useful staff role.

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Image via Sports Interactive

The Loan Manager is a great addition to your staff that helps take a load off of your plate when it comes to building up both the funds for your club and the skills of your players. The Loan Managers will help you take the best offers brought to you by other clubs.

The main job of the Loan Manager is to pick and choose the right clubs to send your players to. As the club’s manager, you should definitely consider loaning out your players to generate revenue to make bigger trades down the line. However, you should expect to receive a good amount of offers as time goes on and you can’t accept all of them. This is where the Loan Manager steps in. They will accept or decline offers based on how beneficial they will be to both the club and the players themselves.

Once you loan out the player, they will send you updates as to how the player’s progression on the loaning team is. Aside from the initial payment you gain from loaning the player, it will also help develop them for use on your squad or bring in a greater sale as a stronger talent.

While you can do this all by yourself, this can be daunting to some players. The Loan Manager is a great addition to your staff and will help take this extra burden off of club managers.