What does the Tournament Champion’s Plate do in Lost Ark? Answered

What do you do with this mysterious item?

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Lost Ark has a variety of quest items and rewards with mysterious usages, and the Tournament Champion’s Plate is one of them. This item looks regal and important, but does the Tournament Champion’s Plate actually serve any purpose?

The Tournament Champion’s Plate is a non-consumable item you receive after completing the quest “Prove My Worth” in Anikka. This item binds to your character, meaning you cannot move it across your roster. When you have this item, you can actually sell it to a General Merchant.

There is no other reason to keep this item around aside for collection purposes. However, silver is a valuable commodity in the game, and this item sells for a whopping 30,000 Silver. That’s a sizable amount of money, meaning it’s not really wise to keep this item around.

In the Korean server of Lost Ark, there was a vendor in Changun that exchanged a weapon for the plate. However, the weapon is not particularly strong and is not available to purchase in the NA/EU server anyways. As a result, it’s highly recommended just to sell the item.

That’s all you need to know about the Tournament Champion’s Plate in Lost Ark! Be sure to get the silver you need so you can spend more of it in the future.
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